A Comparative Study of Fuzzy Optimization through Fuzzy Number


  • Rakesh Kumar Department of Mathematics, Lovely Professional University, Phagwara-144411, Punjab, India
  • Gaurav Dhiman Department of Computer Science, Government Bikram College of Commerce, Patiala-147001, Punjab, India


Fuzzy optimization, Triangular fuzzy number, Fuzzy logic


This paper presents a model for analyzing fuzzy reliability of the system using fuzzy number mathematical operation, where a triangular fuzzy number represents the stability of each computer system. Because the method is using simple fuzzy mathematical operation of fuzzy numbers instead of difficult arithmetic and logical of intervals. We are introducing a rule-based approach for estimating precisely all the broadest collections of blurry contextual disparities, considered an expansion to fuzzy relational coefficients, fuzzy relational inequalities can be extended to other fuzzy logic areas.



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Kumar, R., & Dhiman, G. (2021). A Comparative Study of Fuzzy Optimization through Fuzzy Number. International Journal of Modern Research, 1(1), 1–14.